NFL Legend Makes Big Prediction On Tom Brady, Patriots Offense

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was frustrated with the Patriots offense, and his team lost the game to the Houston Texans. The team missed the chance to win another game. Brady has every right to be upset. Deion Sanders believes that Brady will get help. Is the legend right?

The NFL legend guaranteed Sunday night on the NFL Network’s “NFL Gameday” the Patriots would sign a wide receiver in the coming weeks in order to strengthen the struggling offense the quarterback leads.

Brady’s recent struggled are still alive. The Patriots struggled in Week 13, and the team lost 28-22 to the Houston Texans. TB12 endured a forgettable first half and expressed his frustration over the mistakes his rookies made in the game. Sanders said after the game a veteran wideout will arrive in time for the stretch run of the regular season and the NFL playoffs.

“This is the problem I have with the Patriots right now,” Sanders said. “Tom Brady is getting frustrated … because everything outside the numbers, they’re not getting any separation, they’re not getting open, and they don’t really understand the game and how to sit in holes as a receiver.

“… this man is the GOAT, and you give him that? I guarantee it, something’s going to happen within the next few weeks in the receiver department. They’ve got to get this man some help because what I saw today was ridiculous.”

The NFL legend is right

These claims came after the reports suggesting Patriots players and coaches want the organization to re-sign Antonio Brown. The veteran wideout spent 11 days on the Patriots’ roster earlier this season before the team released him amid rape allegations.

Brown instagrammed himself out of the Patriots reunion Monday. Brady and his team still need some help in the receivers’ unit. Brown would be a perfect addition, but things don’t look really good for his role in the NFL. We don’t really know if Brown will ever get a chance to play in New England or in the NFL. He caused so many problems, and the NFL still tries to determine whether he did all the things he is accused of.

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