Report: Chiefs Must Forfeit Game To Patriots If Missing Gear Doesn’t Arrive On Time

The New England Patriots may get lucky today. They are playing the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium, and things are going in their favor. The Chiefs may forfeit the game to their opponents if the missing gear doesn’t arrive on time.

Bags with gear for 35 Kansas City Chiefs players were sent to Newark, N.J., on Saturday. The information was confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter Sunday afternoon. Chiefs players couldn’t take the gear off the plane, and it was sent to Foxboro.

If the gear doesn’t arrive for the kickoff, Kansas City must forfeit the game to New England. “I never heard that before,” a source told Schefter.

This has nothing to do with the Patriots or the National Football League. The Chiefs are considered responsible for this mistake. The missing gear will probably arrive at Gillette Stadium an hour before the game. Let’s see if this happens.

This is a rather unexpected development of events, and NFL teams have never had a problem of this kind. Road games can be tricky. Playing on the road adds more pressure to the game, and these technical problems make everything worse. We can only imagine the panic in the Chiefs locker room. This missing gear is giving them a headache, and this problem may also affect their focus and concentration.

Of course, this goes in favor of New England, and they better take advantage of every situation. This is a rather unfortunate incident for the Chiefs, but the Patriots may have more luck now. They are not responsible for the problem, so they can only reap the benefits.

Sunday’s game will be a huge challenge for the Patriots and Andy Reid’s team. Kansas City may get revenge for the loss of the AFC Championship Game. Losing a game is the last thing New England needs at the moment. They have too many problems with the offense, and hopefully, coach Bill Belichick will find a solution to this particular problem. The offense needs to step up the game, and Brady would love to see them score more points. Game on, Patriots! This one is yours!


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