Rob Gronkowski Shares Celebratory Message After Being Recognized As NFL Top 100 Player

Rob Gronkowski is making history every time he makes a public appearance. But, it looks like his time as a Patriot is over. The tight end decided to call it career past offseason. His decision was followed by a bunch of rumors about his potential return. Gronk had a chance to return to New England by Nov. 30, but he didn’t use it. He was recognized as a NFL Top 100 Player, and that’s the biggest honor a player can receive.

The retired tight end took to Instagram to deliver a message to his friends, fans and family. He spent 9 seasons with the Patriots, and fans will remember him for his Gronk spikes. Gronk won three titles with the team, and he made a dent on the last Lombardy Trophy. These are the memories that will always stay in his head.

Gronkowski tried really hard, he did his best to be better every time his teams played games. He had a lot of fun on the field, and the Patriots nation will remember him for his great personality and fun times. Gronk was the party animal of the team, and he had tons of fun throughout his tenure with the Patriots.

Tom Brady’s favorite target delivered an emotional message, shouting out to his teammates and coaches. They are all champions, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Although many believe that Gronk will make a comeback next season, he doesn’t plan anything like that. He finished his career in pain, and that’s not the best way to leave the field. Gronk had suffered a lot of concussions, and he was hit all the time. The pain became unbearable, and he had to leave. He didn’t enjoy the game anymore. His numbers were really low last season, and Gronk didn’t even look like himself. He spent too much time on the injury report, and his back pain was quite a problem.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said the door will stay open for the tight end in case he wants to come back. The same applies to his teammates. Everyone loves Gronk.

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