Stephen A. Smith Makes Case For Antonio Brown-Patriots Reunion

Antonio Brown is still making headlines, and there’s great number of rumors suggesting that the wide receiver may reunite with the New England Patriots. A lot of analysts believe that the Patriots should bring Brown back in Foxboro. Stephen A. Smith is one of them.

The Patriots offense struggled last night, and the lack of a talented receiver stopped Tom Brady and his team from scoring points. Speculation of a potential reunion between Brown and New England has resurfaced. Now we also have sources suggesting that Patriots coaches and players would welcome back the troubled receiver.

Smith wants to know whether Brown is guilty of the allegations against him. He believes that Patriots owner Robert Kraft owes it to Brady to sign one of the best receivers in the NFL.

During Monday’s “First Take” episode, Smith said if Brown is guilty of any charges against him, he should be put in jail.

“If Antonio Brown is guilty of any of the charges levied against him, he should be in jail,” Smith said during Monday’s “First Take” episode. “If the NFL finds a shred of truth to what he is alleged to have done, he should be banned indefinitely.

” … I mean, you talk about the quintessential individual that would be a perfect remedy for all that ails the New England offense, it would be this one man, Antonio brown.”

A potential reunion

Brown put an end to the rumors with his Instagram activity Monday morning. We aren’t really convinced that Brown will come back at some point.

Bringing Brown back would be a great decision for the Patriots. Of course, they have to find out whether Brown did all those things. They really need to solve the problem with their offensive players. New England struggled in the game against the Houston Texans. Tom Brady can no longer hide his frustration. He wasn’t happy last night, and head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t in the mood. Things don’t look good for the Patriots, but one loss doesn’t mean a thing. The team lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens a few weeks ago. They have two losses at the moment.

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