Tom Brady Addresses On N’Keal Harry’s Interception, Sideline Exchange

The entire “Sunday Night Football” audience saw how frustrated Patriots quarterback was with his receivers unit. The Patriots lost the game to the Houston Texans, and it was terrible. Brady didn’t want his team to finish with a 28-22 loss. In his interview with WEII’s “The Greg Hill Show,” Brady talked about his sideline convo with his pass-catchers. Some thought he said, “I’m done with him’ in regards to wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. What about the interception?

“I would never think that way: ‘I’m done with him.’ That’s crazy,” Brady said. “I think a quarterback’s responsibility is to try to lead and motivate. We’re trying to motivate people and get people to play their best. And guys are trying.”

Brady praised his wide receivers one by one, and N’Keal Harry was his primary focus. His lone target resulted in an interception.

“I’ve got no problem with — I love playing with Phillip Dorsett. I love playing with N’Keal,” Brady said. 

N’Keal is working his tail off. He hasn’t had a lot of opportunity, and he’s learning as he’s going. But to expect someone to go out in their third game of the year and be perfect, I think that’s unrealistic for anyone. So, I love what N’Keal is bringing. We’re gaining confidence every week.

“I love what Jakobi (Meyers) is doing. We’re gaining confidence every week. Gaining confidence with Mohamed (Sanu). Julian (Edelman) and I, we’ve played together for a long time, and I think that shows itself pretty well. I think you see James (White) and I, we’ve played together a long time.”

Brady talked about his offense, and the problems they had.

“That’s just part of our sport is dealing with new situations and trying to deal with them the best way you can,” Brady added. “This team has faced some unique ones in and of itself, just like every team has. We’re not different than any other team, but at the same time, we’re in a decent position here.”

Hopefully, the team will win their next game. The offense needs to step up, and Brady has every right to be upset. But, he doesn’t really hate his teammates.

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