Tom Brady Fired Up On Instagram Quoting Mac Miller

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have had so many problems lately. They had a spectacular start of the regular season, but things got bad in the past few weeks. New England lost three games, and players are coming off a second consecutive loss. The offense struggled throughout the entire season. Head coach Bill Belichick made a few changes to the roster, but some of his tricks didn’t work. Brady was a constant target of critics, and many of them said that his performance has dropped. The quarterback decided to address these struggles using the words of Mac Miller.

After back-to-back losses to the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots have been trying to fix their offensive problem. TB12 took to Instagram to deliver the message, and we believe he was trying to say that the Patriots are ready to finish the regular season with a success.

“Whole team about to figure out, ice cold that’s what winters about,” Brady captioned the photo, quoting the late Mac Miller.

The Patriots are ready to play the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. This game will be played under a veil of controversy as the NFL has yet to make a decision on the Patriots’ involvement in the videotaping scandal.

The Bengals accused New England of recording their sideline in Cleveland during their game against the Browns. NFL teams aren’t allowed to take videos of their opponent’s sideline. Belichick and the team have already been involved in something like this. However, the head coach claims that his team has nothing to do with the production department.

The organization released a similar statement. According to them, the cameraman was unaware of the NFL rules. Players are in no way related to the material scouts make, and they only watch the videos that are released on TV.

It was a long season full of cuts, injuries, roster changes and rumors. One of the latest rumors involves Brady and his retirement. The quarterback bought a new mansion in Connecticut. Will he retire after the season? The only thing we can do is wait and see what happens next.

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