Tom Brady Gives Realistic Answer About Patriots’ Super Bowl Chances

The New England Patriots are trying to win another Super Bowl. They are 11-2 at this point of the regular season, and Tom Brady is really upset with the 28-22 loss to the Houston Texans. New England ranks 14th in the NFL in terms of yards per game, and their mistakes are more notable every time the team plays a strong offense.

The Patriots are as vulnerable as ever, but NFL teams better not count out Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. If you ask Brady about their Super Bowl chances, he will give you an answer that doesn’t really seem confident. The loss to the Baltimore Ravens was bad, but the loss to the Houston Texans is even worse.

His team has a game plan, and the expectations for New England are very high this season. The Patriots are plagued with injuries, and they keep changing the receiving unit.

“I don’t have a prediction,” Brady said via NBC Sports Boston. “I think we have a plan… I know there’s very high expectations, as there are for us. I think the expectations for our team often are a very, very, very high level… At the same time, I think there’s realistic expectations with our circumstances, incorporating different elements and players and injuries, and we’re just trying to do the best that we can do.”

This only confirms Brady’s evident frustrations with the efficiency and production of the offense, especially his young wideouts. Brady would never overhype his team in the effort to win a Super Bowl. But, It’s really strange to see him be this reserved.

The Patriots have palpable imperfections, and TB12 is pretty much aware of them. He will have to dig really deep in his bag to use some of his older tricks. Maybe that will help the team win this year’s Super Bowl.

We are more than satisfied with the Patriots’ game, but they really need to step up their game. Brady’s numbers go low, but he can’t win a game on his own. The Patriots need to change their receiving unit, and add talented players. Is Antonio Brown back in the fold? Maybe Kraft will reconsider signing him. New England needs a talented receiver, and Brown has great skills on the field.

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