Tom Brady Is Not Ready To Panic After Patriots’ Loss To Texans

NFL experts didn’t predict a loss for the New England Patriots. Well, Tom Brady and his team weren’t able to defeat the Houston Texans, and the quarterback was really upset with the 28-22 loss. The New England Patriots struggle on their offensive end, and the team was forced to the No. 2 seed in the AFC. Will the defending champions make a run for the Lombardi Trophy this season?

During his weekly appearance on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, Brady talked about the loss and the fact that the bar is set really high for his team.

“I think the expectations for our team often are at a very, very, very high level and I understand that, but at the same time I think there are realistic expectations with our circumstances incorporating different elements and players and injuries,” the quarterback said. 

The offensive line is plagued with injuries. The team lost key weapons to injury, retirement and release. At the moment, New England plays a fourth kicker for the season. How will the Patriots handle the pressure?

According to Brady, there’s no room for panic.

“We’re not 2-10. We’re 10-2,” the GOAT said.

Tom Brady isn’t bothered with the loss

Sunday night’s defeat was the third straight game with a completion percentage below 60 and the fourth straight with a passer rating below 90.0 for the quarterback. If you ask Brady, he will say that it’s all part of the game.

“There’s some good effort out there, guys are doing the best they can do, in my belief. We’re working hard and trying to do the right thing,” he said. “Sometimes it’s been good and other times we obviously have work we still got to do. That’s just part of playing football.”

The Patriots will try to fix the damage and make a few changes prior to Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. This will be a rather tough game, and Brady will need all the help he can get. The Chiefs are considered to be one of the other AFC favorites. It’s one of the toughest games Brady will play this season. The offensive struggles are still a concern for the team.

This comes in the middle of speculation about Antonio Brown’s return. The troubled wideout is out of the NFL, and the league conducts an investigation into his case. Numerous reports suggest that the Patriots want him back. This applies to both players and coaches.


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