Tom Brady Made Big Promise To Fans After Loss Vs. Texans

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Houston Texans, and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was really upset. Brady had high expectations from his teammates, but the offense did so many mistakes. The quarterback was disappointed, but he promised not to give up. TB12 took to his Instagram account to deliver a great message for his teammates, fans and rivals.

“A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.” This team will never quit!”

The GOAT and his teammates didn’t have much luck in the game against Houston. Their game was full of mistakes, and Brady struggled to connect to his receivers. In one moment, NBC cameras caught him talking to his teammates on the sideline.

According to NFL experts, there was one particular defining image of Sunday night’s loss. In this image, we have Brady, sitting on the bench as New England punted, and imploring his wide receivers to boost their game. This outburst took place after rookie wideout Jakobi Meyers cut his route short while the quarterback scrambled out of the pocket on third down. Brady wanted Meyers to take off downfield. This was of the many apparent miscommunications between Brady and his pass-catchers in a 28-22 loss in Houston.

But, this conversation with his wide receivers wasn’t really bad, and Brady keeps doing that with his teammates during practice.

“I do that quite a bit in practice,” Brady told Gray. “I know they don’t always pick it up when I do speak, but I speak a lot in meetings, on the practice field and certainly in the games and in the huddle. I’m just trying to communicate what I see. A lot of other guys are doing the same thing.

“t was a tough game (Sunday) night. (The Texans) came out and played really well, and they played very aggressively. When that happens, you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to try to match it. They got off to a great start, and we tried to battle back and just came up short in the end.”

The New England Patriots will play the Kansas City Chiefs for a rematch of the AFC game. Let’s see what happens on Sunday.

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