Tom Brady Pushing For Antonio Brown Reunion… Jason Whitlock Offers Theory

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was busy giving his receivers a good lesson. His team lost the game to the Houston Texans. New England struggled on the field in Houston, and the offense made a few big mistakes. Brady was really upset, and he really had something to say. The 28-22 loss came as a surprise, because most experts were convinced that Brady will lead his team to another win. That didn’t happen, and fans blame the offense. Max Kellerman blames Brady. Well, Jason Whitlock made a good point about this

Whitlock believes there was more to the quarterback’s message, and he made his comments on FS1’s “Speak For Yourself.”

Whitlock knows that Brady is brilliant, and he said that his words to Julian Edelman and Philip Dorsett were calculated. He is also convinced that Brady’s postgame press conference a couple of weeks ago was calculated. According to him, Brady was asking for help.

Is Jason Whitlock right?

Edelman and Dorsett won’t get any faster as Whitlock said. His theory suggests that Brady did all these things on purpose, because he wants to have Antonio Brown back on the field.

“I’m not saying this as a negative. I just think this guy’s brilliant. But I think his words to (Julian) Edelman and (Phillip) Dorsett were calculated, just like I think the little postgame press conference a couple of weeks ago when he was all sad and wouldn’t answer questions, it was all calculated,” Whitlock said. “He’s trying to scream to (Patriots owner) Robert Kraft: ‘I need help.’

“Edelman and Dorsett are not going to get any faster, any quicker. That is calculated. This dude knows a camera follows him around, and the way he was speaking he knows it was going to be lip read and everybody can hear what he was saying. This guy knows he needs more help, wanted (Antonio Brown) back and they’re not gonna get AB back. I don’t think in previous years he’d be doing this.”

Is Brown coming to New England?

A lot of pundits agree that a reunion with Brown would really help the Patriots at this point. New England cut him in September after just 11 days on the roster. Brown struggles with accusations against him, and the NFL conducts an investigation into his case.

“I honestly I think those words are intended for (Patriots owner) Robert Kraft: ‘I need AB,’ ” Whitlock said. “And that’s why, again, I think AB thinks that, too. That’s why he was tweeting about it. And that’s why when the word came out (Sunday), like damn, Brady, it didn’t work. ‘I tried two weeks ago to throw a tantrum at the podium. It didn’t work. This didn’t work.’ Now, AB’s said, ‘OK, I’m not coming back to the Patriots… ‘
“This is passive-aggressive,” Whitlock said of Brady’s heated sideline moment. “It’s brilliant, in my opinion.”

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