Tom Brady Reacts On Antonio Brown’s Latest Post, Leading To More Speculation

Veteran wide receiver Antonio Brown may be trying to join the New England Patriots again. First, he promised to leave the NFL and never play a football game again. The troubled player made a few comments against Patriots owner Robert Kraft and used his day spa scandal. Brown changed his mind and apologized to Kraft. As if this wasn’t enough, he shared an old photo of him and quarterback Tom Brady. Every move he makes points to the fact that Brown wants to be a Patriot again. Brady noticed the photo, and “liked” it. This was just enough for fans to start talking and spread the speculation about Brown’s return to New England.

TB12 wasn’t the only Patriot to react to this photo. Terrence Brooks, Stephon Gilmore, Brandon Bolden, and many others liked it, too.

Well, let’s be honest. The Patriots offense could really use Brown’s skills on the field. He is a talented player, and Brady created a nice bond with him. Brown earned his trust almost instantly, and he went for a touchdown in his lone game with the Patriots. The receiver spent 11 days on the Patriots roster, and the team cut Brown amid the accusations against him.

Brady is really frustrated with the lack of performance, and he keeps encouraging the offense to step up. The players need to boost their game and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. New England lost two games so far, and hopefully, they won’t lose Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. They didn’t have luck in the games against the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans.

When it comes to Brown’s future in the NFL, we can’t really say anything. The NFL opened an investigation into his case, and they have yet to make a decision. Will he ever get a chance to play again? Brown’s chances are too thin, but he sure hopes to make a comeback. Foxboro is his favorite destination. If the NFL clears up every speculation, Brown will definitely join Brady and the rest of the team. However, this won’t happen in the near future.

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