Tom Brady Shares Adorable Masterpiece From His Daughter Vivi In Latest IG

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is super busy winning Super Bowls. But, he has all the time in this world for the family. TB12 is a father of three, and the kids have a special place in his heart. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, gave up on her professional career to help Brady chase his dream. Although Brady is super busy throughout the regular season, he always finds time to hang out with his kids. Vivi is his little cheerleader.

The GOAT took to Instagram to share a photo of himself. Well, the photo was sort of update. The little Vivi used stickers and fancy colors to make her dad look pretty. Oh, yes, she also wrote: “I love my daddy.” So cute!

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Alternate version by Vivi.

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Brady always talks about his family life. His family has an important role in his life. Parenting changed him a lot and even became a better person. Vivi is his greatest cheerleader, and Gisele wants him to be tougher on the girl. According to her, Vivi can make her dad do whatever she wants. That’s absolutely right. Gisele is right. Vivi has the power to make Brady do whatever she wants, and that’s how daughters do things. The little Vivi sends her dad the cutest messages, and we all remember when she wrote him a goodnight message.

Brady will need all the support he can get from Vivi

Daughters can make their dads do pretty much everything. Vivi knows it, and Brady knows it, too. He knows that his little girl is just playing games, but he doesn’t mind it at all. Vivi is just a little girl. She will grow up one day, and Brady will miss the times when his daughter painted his photos.

When it comes to Brady and his season with the New England Patriots, he is doing an excellent job. The Patriots quarterback struggled with the offense this season, but New England has won 11 games. They have two games to finish the season, and Brady is ready for the big challenge. He can do this and much more. Hopefully, he will stay in New England to lead the team to another big win. Game on, Pats!


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