Watch: NFL Insider Says Patriots Exec Nick Caserio Could Leave Organization

The New England Patriots are approaching the end of the regular season. They are 10-3 at this point in the regular season, and there are three games left. The Cincinnati Bengals are next on the list. But, something else caught everyone’s attention. There’s speculation about the end of the Patriots dynasty, and it includes Nick Caserio.

According to some, the Patriots dynasty is over. The end is here. Well, we aren’t really convinced about this. Reports suggest that the director of player personnel may leave his position after the regular season.

Caserio’s been part of the franchise since 2001, which includes the dominance of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick over the National Football League. However, Caserio’s job title doesn’t actually give him too much right to change the team’s roster. Coach Belichick regulates pretty much anything related to the roster.

Taking this into consideration, we can’t blame Caserio for wanting to change this and look for chances outside Foxboro. Caserio has already been linked to the Houston Texans GM opening last season. Well, New England filed tampering charges against the team since Caserio was still under contract with the team.

Will Nick Caserio leave the Patriots?

Caserio will be a free agent in the NFL executive market, and many teams are looking forward to working with a former Belichick crony. This doesn’t really look good for the Patriots, and they will probably try to keep Caserio in the organization. Well, if they don’t want him around anymore, they probably have something else on their minds.

Belichick always has the perfect winning formula, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft probably has a solution to the problem. Maybe the team doesn’t want Caserio around anymore.

The Patriots are off to the Cincinnati Bengals. It won’t be a tough game for the Patriots. The rest of the season is pretty light for New England, and they only need to concentrate on the opponent. Cincinnati is a small bite for the Patriots, and the same applies to the Miami Dolphins. New England will finish the season with a home game. Will they win the Super Bowl? How will Caserio’s departure affect the organization? Let’s see what happens in March.

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