Adam Schefter Gives His Expectation For Tom Brady’s Free Agency Decision

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to make a decision on his future in the NFL, and Adam Schefter is ready for the unexpected.

Brady is set to hit free agency in March, and he has three choices. The quarterback may re-sign with the Patriots, and he can also sign with a different team. What about the third possibility? There’s a slight chance for Brady to retire.

Adam Schefter didn’t rule out the Los Angeles Chargers or the Indianapolis Colts, but he is convinced that Brady will make an unexpected move.

“I think that when you’re assessing Tom Brady, I think in a situation like this, if he’s going to play for another team — which is possible — I think it’s going to be a team that all of a sudden comes out of nowhere like you didn’t even see it coming,” Schefter said Thursday on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“Peyton Manning was a free agent back in whatever year that was. There were a bunch of teams speculated on, and all of a sudden once the process got underway, Denver emerged on the scene and you didn’t hear Denver initially talked about. I think that if and when we’re in a similar situation with Tom Brady, it will be a team that nobody’s talking about that then would emerge.”

Predicting Brady’s next move is a challenge. He knows how to make thing hard for us. Brady works at a different level, and he is making his way to the Hall of Fame. TB12 has yet to make a decision on his future, and pretty much every Patriots fan hopes to see him join the team in training camp.

Schefter expects a surprise from Brady, but Colin Cowherd is on the other side of the game. He says there’s a 80-20 chance for Brady to return with the Patriots.

Let’s see what happens in March. We know Brady will come back with New England, but it’s definitely fun to hear all the rumors about his career. What will Brady do next?

Brady knows how to keep us waiting. What’s your prediction?

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