Colin Cowherd Gives Wild Belichick-Garoppolo Conspiracy Theory

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Here’s one: When Bill Belichick traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, he reportedly had a much better offer from the Cleveland Browns. In return, Belichick got a second-round draft pick which seemed underwhelming at the time. Even more so now that the 28-year-old is a Super Bowl quarterback.

So, the question is why did Belichick trade Garoppolo to San Francisco for such a middling return?

Colin Cowherd has a theory. According to him, Belichick truly wanted Garoppolo to succeed. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s the rest of the conspiracy theory we have problem believing in.

Cowherd’s Thought This Through

Cowherd believes Belichick executed the trade so he one day could say, “I told you so.” Also, he thinks the Patriots coach didn’t force San Francisco to part with significant assets to make sure Garoppolo gets a championship-level team.

“Belichick now, it’s all about legacy,” Cowherd said. “He’s got his millions and his trophies. He’s the best football coach ever. That doesn’t’ mean he doesn’t wanna polish up his legacy. … There’s always been this, ‘Brady led the dynasty; no it’s Belichick.’ … (His legacy) is not defined yet. Why would he give Garoppolo away?

“The reason he gave him away is he gave him to the best young football coach in America: Kyle Shanahan. … He knew, ‘I’m not gonna give him to some hack — I wanna prove my point here.’ So, he gives him away to Kyle Shanahan knowing nobody will get more out of Garoppolo than Kyle Shanahan. … I’m going to ensure Garoppolo is successful. … Twenty years from now, people can say, ‘Belichick wanted Garopolo.’ ”

Pretty wild, if you ask us. But hey, anything is possible.

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