Explanation Emerges On Tom Brady’s Cryptic Social Post

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sure knows how to make people talk. This time he did it with a cryptic message on Twitter. What’s the explanation behind Tom Brady’s cryptic social post? Is he trying to say something?

TB12 took to Twitter to share a pic of him inside Gillette Stadium. There are so many stories behind this photo. Some say Brady hinted a return to the New England Patriots. Others believe Brady was on his way out of the team. What’s the real story behind the photo? Is this in some way linked to Brady’s next move in the NFL?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brady’s tweet “is not related to Tom Brady’s football future.” That’s absolutely true. We can’t really tell whether Brady is entering or exiting the field.

Tom Brady’s cryptic social post is tricky

There’s an ongoing speculation regarding Brady’s professional career, but the quarterback doesn’t really talk about it. Brady has yet to make an official decision, and many say he will re-sign with his current team. Patriots owner Robert Kraft has to give Brady the contract he deserves. Brady isn’t the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, but he is the best to ever play the game. These two facts don’t really match.

TB12 has helped the Patriots win six Super Bowls. Losing him in free agency is the least expected scenario. Kraft can’t lose his star player.

Even Joe Montana agrees on this one. He advised the Patriots quarterback to stay with his current team. Getting used to a new system isn’t the best idea, and Brady better finish his career in New England. He spent twenty seasons with the team, and he has so much to offer. Why would he go somewhere else? Of course, Brady wouldn’t be the first player to finish the career wearing a different uniform. But, Montana doesn’t really support that.

It will be a long season for Brady and the New England Patriots. The organization has lost a few assistant coaches so far, and they can’t lose Brady. The Los Angeles Chargers and New York Giants have shown interest in Brady’s talent. Will they get him in March?

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