Gronk Weights In On Tom Brady’s Future, Makes Shocking Super Bowl Prediction

Retired tight end Rob Gronkowski cheered on his favorite team from the sidelines. Gronk decided to retire last offseason, and the Patriots nation was left in shock. In his interview with PEOPLE, Gronk talked about Tom Brady and the Super Bowl. Imagine that!

Gronkowski spent his entire career with the Patriots. He has good advice for Brady. Will the GOAT take it?

“I think he deserves a chance to go out there and see what’s out on the market,” Gronk said. “He’s a free agent, and that’s what the free agency is for — so that players have a chance, whenever they become a free agent, that they can go out there and see what’s out there. That’s super fair and that’s why it was created like that, and the system works well. So, he’ll go out there and he definitely deserves to see what’s out there and he can make a decision for himself and do what’s best for himself and his family.”

Would he like to see Brady retired? Maybe even partying with him?

 “Well, he can come to this party Saturday [Gronk Beach] and still play next season. Easily. Easily! The best of both.”

Brady gave his fans a reason to talk, and his cryptic photo shook things up. He shared a pic of him at Gillette Stadium, and fans can’t decide whether he was leaving or entering the field. TB12 was hidden in the shadows. His free agency decision is hidden in the shadows, too. There was no description, and that added salt to the injury. Is Brady leaving the Patriots?

Gronk, Tom Brady, and the Super Bowl

The quarterback will enter the open market for the first time in his long career. He has never been in a similar situation, and the Patriots should definitely consider giving him a big deal. Let’s not forget that TB12 isn’t the highest quarterback in the NFL. He deserves a juicy salary for all the magic he does on the field.

When it comes to Gronk, he enjoys partying and having fun. Gronkowski was in a lot of pain last season, and he sure deserves this time off.

His Super Bowl prediction was quite interesting.

“Zero-zero,” Gronk said. “No one has any good weapons. No quarterbacks, no receivers, no running backs. So, zero-zero. It feels right.

“Maybe someone will win on a safety. A punt safety, over the punters head into the end zone. Two nothing. After overtime. From a punt fumble that goes into the end zone for a safety. Double overtime. That seems about right.”

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