Here’s What Tom Brady’s Moving To Connecticut, Suite At Gillette Cleaning Actually Means

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sure knows how to stir the pot, and this time fans started talking about his moving to Connecticut. Brady also cleaned out the suit at Gillette Stadium, and that was enough to fuel the fire.

What does this move mean? He is moving to Connecticut, and fans are raging.

TB12 is set to become a free agent in March, and analysts have made a prediction on his next move. Is Brady going somewhere else? Will he re-sign with the New England Patriots?

Well, it looks like Brady’s moving is in no way linked to his future plans with the New England Patriots.

Some say he moved to be closer to his other son, and both the dad and his son love New York City. The family moved so that the kids can go to school and be closer to Jack. According to one of the comments, cleaning out the suit doesn’t mean a thing.

The Patriots nation knew that Brady would move, and fans know that the whole moving thing doesn’t mean a thing about football. It has something to do with Brady’s children, and the quarterback just wanted to be closer to his oldest son.

Truth is, Brady moved from one New England state to another. It doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s time for all the fans to stop making comments about Brady and his future plans. The quarterback doesn’t even think of retiring at this point, and he has never mentioned another team. The Patriots will probably have him around for the upcoming season, and Brady is more than ready to hit the field with his full capacity. The New England Patriots lost the chance to win another Lombardi Trophy but this is actually the biggest motivation players will ever get.

Brady will turn 43 in August, but age has nothing on him. He is the greatest of all time, and he will probably keep playing at this great level. Brady helped the Patriots win six Super Bowls, and he can easily win another ring. Head coach Bill Belichick has to give him the right offense though.

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