Kenny Smith Says LeBron James’ Pregame Powder Snub Was No Coincidence

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets, and the king helped the team win this game without his pregame ritual. The king of basketball wasn’t able to do his trademark pregame chalk toss before confronting the Nets. Kenny “The Jet” Smith has a theory on this one. According to him, this was nothing but an effort to sabotage the superstar.

LeBron was sort of upset before the game when he approached the scorers table and came back without his chalk. Some say the Nets did this on purpose. There’s a video of LeBron’s reaction, and it’s viral.

What about the sabotage theory?

“I remember when we used to play, they would always do things to make you uncomfortable, the opposing team,” Smith said at LAX. “That’s what the home-court advantage is.”

Kenny Smith said LeBron better go to Costco and get some more of the powder, because this minor incident may turn into a tradition.

“Ya gotta carry your own powder … I’m surprised no other team has thought of it.”

Kenny Smith may be right

Smith is convinced it was “1,000% on purpose.” Well, it’s not like the Nets stopped LeBron. He recorded a triple-double during the game. King James scored 27 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in the Lakers’ 127-113 win over the Nets. It was a magnificent win, and LeBron didn’t need his powder to defeat his opponents. His talent was enough.

The Lakers will try to make a three-game winning streak on Saturday and the Philadelphia 76ers are next on their list. Hopefully, LeBron will have his chalk on hand to do his ritual. He needs it to feel better about the game.

King James arrived in Los Angeles to win a title with the team, but his groin injury stopped him from keeping that promise last season. This season, LeBron feels great, and his team dominates the Western Conference. The Los Angeles Lakers are on a good way to win the first title since Kobe Bryant’s retirement. It’s a big season for LeBron, and he has so much to offer. He is the GOAT, remember?

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