LeBron Shares Adorable Photo Of Daughter Zhuri Surrounded By Flowers

LeBron James’ daughter Zhuri is simply adorable. She may be 5, but the little girl already has her own YouTube channel. The proud father took to Instagram to share the cutest photo of Zhuri surrounded by flowers. He wrote: “My flower girl @allthingszhuri ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #BabyZNova✨ #DaddyPrincess👸🏽 Ep. 4 today!”

Take a look:

Recently, LeBron and his daughter made a no-bake snack together and posted it on All Things Zhuri channel.

The cute Zhuri received a lot of help from her dad, especially in the mixing and measuring part. Chocolate chips, flaxseed and pretty much everything delicious made the final product which we’re sure was more than perfect.

All Things Zhuri boasts over 71,000 subscribers and she’s got an impressive 206,000 followers on Instagram.

King James gives his daughter Zhuri all the support she needs, especially when it comes to marketing her channel.

“She needs no introduction to the world but I’m excited for you all to meet my Princess Zhuri Nova through her eyes. All Things Zhuri coming soon,” the Lakers superstar tweeted.

Zhuri shares flowers and all the things she likes with her followers. The girl shares her father’s charisma and determination and her videos do the speaking for her great talent.

LeBron On Raising His Kids

LeBron is doing a really good job as a parent. He has never had a father figure in his life, and that was his greatest motivation. He’s said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up without having someone to take care of them. King James was raised by a single mom, but he is also grateful for the best lesson his father gave him. He helped him become a better person than him.

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