Luka Doncic Gives Honest Admission On Possibility Of Beating LeBron For All-Star Team Captain

Dallas Mavericks sophomore superstar Luka Doncic is one of the biggest vote-getters in the All-Star game. The Mavericks superstar came pretty close to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James for most votes for the Western and Eastern Conference. The young star talked about the possibility to beat out King James on the ballots. Will he become a team captain? The Maveriks guard says that the king of basketball will take the role.

It’s different. It would be something special, for sure. I just don’t think it’s going happen because it’s LeBron, but it would be something special.”

The young star has had an incredible season. The reigning Rookie of the Year averages 28.9 points (on 46.7 percent shooting), 9.7 rebounds, 9.0 assists, and 1.1 steals, while also connecting on 3.0 triples per game. These are All-Star worthy numbers, and his amazing performances is the reason he became an early candidate for the MVP conversation.

Will Doncic be the team captain?

Let’s not forget that LeBron is on the other side of the ball. The three-time NBA champion has had an excellent season, and he reminds everyone that he owns the NBA. LeBron is the most popular player, and his skills are better than anything you’ve seen before.King James is the All-Star’s top vote-getter, but there are still people who say that the young Doncic may jump in the next few weeks.

LeBron is more than positive about his role on the floor. He promised the team to win a title, and yes, they are on a good way to snatch the big title this season. how will things go for the Lakers now? Anthony Davis helps the team win games, and they have won 33 games so far. In other words, they have lost just 8 games. Let’s hope that the players will stay healthy enough to finish with a great win.

LeBron came to Los Angeles for a good reason. He came to win, and Davis helps him in the effort to make the playoffs. Last season, LeBron and the Lakers missed the chance to win the title. Things are a lot different now, and the Lakers are favorites.

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