Photo: Kyle Kuzma Changed His Hair And Looks Way Different

It’s a huge season for Kyle Kuzma. His team is having an incredible game so far on the regular season, and the young Laker has had his bright moments on the floor. Kuzma decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year with a bold decision. He is changing his hair. Well, he already did that.

Fans would agree that this is probably part of Kuzma’s “New year, new me” plan. He always attracts everyone’s attention, and this time it was a brand new hairstyle. We haven’t seen him wear this style before. Or have we?

The Lakers winger attended Tuesday’s practice, and we couldn’t just ignore his new look. You can’t ignore bleached hair, right? You can spot the change from a distance too. Kuzma’s hair is short. And bleached.

What made him pull out such a bold move? There’s nothing wrong with bleaching, but let’s just say that Kuzma surprised us.

This isn’t actually the first time to see a bold style from the Utah product. Kuzma debuted a wild hairstyle in 2019. For most fans, blond hairstyle works much better than Kuzma’s October pigtails.

Maybe Kuzma decided to change his hair to change his life. At this point of the season, Kuzma is averaging 11.9 points and 3.5 rebounds while shooting just 43.2% from the floor.

We’ll wait for a comment from the Lakers winger. Maybe Kuzma will be in the mood to discuss his new hairstyle. This blonde hair makes us think that the young Laker has great plans for the rest of the season.

Kuzma has already said that he plans to become the third star on the Lakers roster. LeBron James leads the team, and Anthony Davis is right by his side. These two have done some really great things so far. Kuzma will have to try harder than before to help the team score even more points. The Lakers dominate the NBA, and they are off to a championship win. Are they winning this year’s title? You can bet they are. That’s what King James promised last season, and fans can’t wait for that to happen.

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