Quinn Cook: ‘LeBron is the best teammate you could ever ask for…’

Quinn Cook signed a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and this move brought him a few great things. He really likes LeBron James. LeBron actually convinced Lakers exec Rob Pelinka to offer Cook a deal. He also likes the Lakers, because he grew up watching the game with his late father. Cook is also one of the greatest fans the Lakers will ever have.

In October, Quinn Cook said his preseason debut for the Lakers was a dream come true. He scored 16 points in his return from injury. Cook was praised for his performance this season. However, he also had struggles. He came to Los Angeles to win a title with LeBron and Anthony Davis. The Lakers have a huge chance to win a title, but Cook wasn’t considered a part of it.

This changed last week. Cook played double-digit minutes for the first time in a month, and he averaged 14 points on 54.8% shooting. He scored season-high 22 in the team’s loss to the Orlando Magic. Quinn Cook talked with Helene Elliott of the LA Times about LeBron and Davis.

“Cook said he and James were closer now than they were back then and that James and Davis consistently supported him. ‘Obviously they give everybody confidence on our team, but us three are always together. Us three are always playing around, joking and stuff. He gives me confidence every single day,’ Cook said. ‘He believes in me, and that’s all you can ask for from your leader. And it means a lot. He’s been my mentor since I was 18 years old. He was my vet when I was his rookie in Cleveland, so he’s always been a big brother to me, and he was instrumental in me coming here. He’s just the best teammate you could ever ask for, and it’s just an honor to play with somebody like that.’”

LeBron and the Lakers are on to a championship win this month, and they have all the talent they need to win it. Davis is great, and hopefully, he will stay healthy to finish the season with a title.

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