Stephen A. Smith Changes Tune On Antonio Brown After Insane IG Video

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t like any of the stuff Antonio Brown brought in his most recent social media meltdown.

Smith has already advocated for an NFL team to sign the troubled player.

In Browns’ video, the wideout uses strong language in front of the kids. He literally live-streamed a verbal altercation between him, the police and Chelsie Kyriss, also known as the mother of the kids.

According to Smith, teams should pass Brown.

“I was wrong. I wouldn’t bring him on my NFL team. He’s got problems,” he said on Tuesday’s episode of “First Take” on ESPN. “And I want to let everybody know, you do understand, if you listened to that video — not just watched it — the police officers showed incredible restraint. He was calling them the ‘B’ word. He was calling them the ‘N’ word. He was yelling at them. They turned their backs. They walked away. All they did was take the young lady and the kids into the cop car, and they drove them off. They did not respond to him. They did not antagonize him. They did nothing. He was screaming at them and calling them all kinds of names.

“I want everyone out there to understand that the police officers at any given moment could have turned around and arrested him. You don’t get to talk to police officers like that. You don’t get to berate them and think that that’s not a crime. You can actually get arrested for that. They could have arrested him. They did no such thing. They all walked away, they got into their cop cars and they drove off. And he was screaming all kinds of obscenities at them. He seemed completely out of control.”

Will Brown get a chance to play in the NFL?

“He’s all over the place. You can’t predict anything. You don’t know what you’re getting,” Smith said. “And the one thing you do know is that you can’t trust him because he’s so addicted to that camera phone and so addicted to being on social media. You never know what he’s going to say about you next. You’ve got to stay away. I’m sorry to say it. I really take no pleasure saying that.”

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