Tom Brady Addresses His His Future Plans In Latest Press Conference

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost the wild-card game to the Tennessee Titans. For the first time since 2010, New England won’t advance to at least the AFC Championship Game. Will this loss affect Brady’s future plans with the Patriots?

Brady joined his team for a press conference. He is set to become a free agent in March, and the future hold so many surprises for the greatest of all times. Brady doesn’t know any of this. He couldn’t answer any of the questions related to his future plans.

“I love the Patriots,” he said. “This is the greatest organization and playing for Mr. (Robert) Kraft all these years, and for coach (Bill) Belichick. There’s nobody whose had a better career, I would say, than me — just being with them. So, I’m very blessed. I don’t know what the future looks like so I’m not going to predict it. I wish we would have won tonight. I wish we would have done a lot of things better over the course of the season. We just didn’t get the job done.”

Is there any chance for him to retire?

“I would say it’s pretty unlikely (I retired),” Brady said. “Hopefully, unlikely.”

The offense struggled throughout the entire season. Offensive players couldn’t help the team win this game. Brady finished 20 of 37 for 209 yards and no touchdown. His final pass for the regular season was a pick-6 interception to Logan Ryan.

Patriots fans know that Brady and his team did their best to win this game. The Patriots always play their best to win a game. Last season, they defeated everyone and won the Super Bowl. This year they are out of the playoff run.

“I personally appreciate everything they’ve contributed — not just this year, but a lot of year” Brady said. “Just very grateful for the experience of playing this year for the team, this organization, and over the course of my career, too. I appreciate it. I hope I’ve always tried to do the right thing out there. Who knows what he future holds? So, I’ll leave it at that.”

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