Anthony Davis Reveals The Meaning Behind His Kobe Bryant’s Tattoo

The death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter shocked the entire basketball world. It was really hard to accept the dark reality, and fans lost an icon. Bryant was the idol of many young athletes, and every player learned a lot from him. He spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and helped the team win titles. Magic Johnson passed the torch, and Kobe made the Lakers champions. His death triggered an avalanche of tributes, and many players did something special for the icon. Lakers superstar LeBron James got a Black Mamba tattoo. His teammate Anthony Davis had his Kobe tattoo, too.

Davis spent the 2012 Summer Olympics with the Black Mamba. He was the youngest member of the team. A 33-year-old Bryant led the team, and he literally took Davis under his protection. Bryant taught Davis about professionalism in the NBA. Davis will always remember this lesson.

Davis got a Kobe tattoo to pay tribute to the Black Mamba

Right after Bryant’s death, Davis got a tattoo in honor of the Lakers legend. This was his way of commemorating him and the time they spent together at Team USA.

“It’s just crazy that I’m here playing where he built his legacy on the floor, so I thought it was something to honor him and always remember the times that we had and how I really got started in the NBA life. And then it’s crazy… after that, LeBron was next. It was him, LeBron, and Tyson… those are the guys that kind of took me under their wing. So it was just something I wanted to remember him by and something I can always look at and say he was my guy.”

Bryant was Davis’ first mentor. Davis learned from the best player in the league. That’s pretty much everything a 19-year-old can ask for. This is a testament of how much Bryant wanted to pay his knowledge forward.

Bryant mentored young players after his retirement, but it was definitely great to see him teach young players while putting up MVP-caliber stats. He was one of the best players to ever play the game, and the world won’t forget him.

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