Chargers Brass Addresses Rumored Free Agent Interest In Tom Brady

The Los Angeles Chargers are among the top favorites to sign quarterback Tom Brady once he becomes a free agent this offseason. However, head coach Anthony Lynn and general manager Tom Telesco don’t really like to talk about their free agency plans. When asked about the Patriots quarterback and his pending free agency, Lynn and Telesco remained tight-lipped.

Of course, the team isn’t allowed to talk to TB12. No one likes to be accused of tampering at this point. Brady is under contract with the Patriots, and NFL teams will be able to reach out for him on March 16. NFL teams aren’t allowed to talk to upcoming free agents until that date.

“When it comes to all free agents right now, since they’re on other teams, I don’t think it would be real good for me to comment specifically about players that are out there,” Telesco said. “Obviously, we know he’s a good player, but I wouldn’t talk about any specific free agents that aren’t really free agents yet until March 18.”

When asked if he prefers a mobile quarterback, Lynn praised Brady. According to the Chargers head coach, the team needs a winning quarterback.

“I believe that guy in New England won a lot, and he’s not very mobile,” Lynn said.

The Chargers don’t dismiss the idea of getting Tom Brady as free agent

The duo didn’t want to address the rumors about the potential interest in Brady. They may not re-sign veteran quarterback Philip Rivers.

“I don’t know,” Lynn said. “It’s just rumors, I guess. All options on the table for us, though.”

Many would agree that Telesco sounded pretty open to signing someone like Brady. In other words, he didn’t dismiss the idea of snatching the Patriots quarterback.

“I’ve been asked the question I can’t tell you how many different ways and different times,” Telesco said. “The way I’ve kind of answered it is this: We’re early in the process, way too early to eliminate anything right now. We’re more in a wide-lens evaluation process to see what fits, what doesn’t fit. We’ll narrow things down later on, but we’ll see.”

This will be a long offseason, and we can’t really imagine the end of it. Brady’s pending free agency is the hottest topic at the moment. We’d like to know more about his next move. However, Brady doesn’t like to talk about it. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon asked him about his offseason move, but Brady didn’t say anything at all.

One thing stands for sure. Brady’s agent and the Patriots will meet at the 2020 NFL combine in Indianapolis. Will they reach an agreement? It’s hard to tell that at this point of the offseason.

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