Chiefs’ Chris Jones Reveals What He Said That Upset Tom Brady During Game

The Kansas City Chiefs ended the regular season with success. The whole thing started in December. Kansas City players arrived at Gillette Stadium and defeated Tom Brady and his teammates. It was an awful 23-16 loss for the Patriots. This win was the tiebreaker for seeding in the AFC playoffs. Kansas City took the No. 2 seed and the bye. The New England Patriots had to play the Wild Card game. We all know how that ended. During the Chiefs win over New England, Tom Brady and Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones yelled at each other.

Jones appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast and talked about his thing with Brady. He said that talking stuff on the field is actually his thing. He is used to this behavior. But, this was the first time Jones has seen TB12 get that mad at a defensive lineman.

TB12 is 42, and Phillip Rivers is 38. Jones is 25. Was this trash talk actually a motivation for Brady? For Jones, it’s all part of the game. He uses his trash talk to discourage his opponents.

Chris Jones motivated Tom Brady

“That’s part of the game, man,” Jones said. “You know, quarterbacks and D-line, those are two different types of class. So when you’re able to clash up, you talk your (thing). You say how you feel to him. If he on the ground, you call him (names) … Or, ‘Get your old (thing) up.’ (Or), ‘You need to … retire.’

“So any time I’m able to say anything to a quarterback after I hit him — I don’t even have to hit you. I’ll just come to you and talk (thing). After the game, it’s nothing but love and respect, but between those lines, we’re at war and whatever I can do to get under your skin, whatever I can do to affect you. But just understand it’s not just talking (thing), I’m going to hit you.”

It looks like Jones called Brady old. Did he mention the word “retirement”?

“I mean, along those words,” Jones said. “And Brady got up so … fast, that’s the quickest I’ve ever seen Brady move.”

Of course, he didn’t reveal much about the “convo” they had with the masks on their faces.

“Brady is a good guy,” Jones said. “He cussed me out, but I loved it. But that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Brady cuss a D-lineman out. So obviously I was doing something right.”

Jones has great plans

Jones is pretty confident about his role on the team. If you ask him, he will say that he is the best interior lineman in the NFL.

The lineman made one big mistake. He forgets that age has nothing on Brady. TB12 will turn 43 in August. He is ready to play a few more seasons. His body coach and dear friend Alex Guerrero made a prediction about Brady. He is convinced that Brady will play until he is 46 or 47.

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