Diana Taurasi Takes Playful Jab At LeBron James While Eulogizing Gianna Bryant

Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s memorial was today, and it was a sad day for the entire nation. Everyone celebrated the name of the great legend. It was too hard to listen to all the lovely memories people have of the Black Mamba. He was an icon, and he lost his life too soon. The Bryants organized this memorial to celebrate Kobe’s greatness. They organized it to celebrate Gianna’s early success and kind soul. It was sad and emotional. Everyone was devastated. WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi decided to do something about it, and she took a jab at LeBron James to celebrate Gigi. Everyone forgot about their pain for a moment.

The Bryant family organized a celebration of Life prior to the one-month anniversary of Kobe and Gianna’s death. The Black Mamba and his lovely girl lost their lives in a helicopter crash outside Calabasas.

Taurasi really liked Bryant and she became co-analyst on his ESPN series ”Detail.” She broke down Klay Thompson’s game and decided to take a jab at LeBron.

“Her skill was undeniable at an early age,” Taurasi said of Gigi. “I mean, who has a turnaway fadeaway jumper at 11? LeBron barely got it today.”

Diana Taurasi honored Gianna and Kobe Bryant

There were no bad intentions behind this jab. She just tried to lift the spirits and make everyone forget about the tragedy that took the lives of Gigi and her dad.

However, there were also people who questioned her sense of timing. How could she roast LeBron in the middle of an emotional speech? Well, we believe the Bryant family didn’t mind any of this. Taurasi said those words to express her high opinion of Gigi and her game. Yes, some of the attendees applauded at her.

LeBron talked about Bryant’s greatness long before the crash. He admired the Black Mamba and his accomplishments. The Lakers superstar was shocked, and he had a hard time accepting the idea that Kobe’s gone. LeBron got a Black Mamba tattoo to honor his dear friend. Anthony Davis got a Kobe tattoo, too.

This was a long day for everyone, and Kobe will always live in our thoughts.

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