Dwyane Wade Predicts How Many Years LeBron James Has Left in His Career

LeBron James leads the Los Angeles Lakers to a title this season, and he’s not ready to give up on his title. King James is the best player in the league, and he will be the best for quite some time. His former teammate Dwyane Wade made a prediction about LeBron and his career.

If you ask Wade, he will say that LeBron could play another four season. LeBron is 35 and he is in his 17th NBA season. In his interview with Brian Sozzi of Yahoo Finance, Wade talked about several different topics, including his long career.

“[LeBron is] still top of his game. He has got a couple years where he ain’t got to be at the top of his game but still be good enough. I get another four years,” Wade, 37, said in a wide-ranging interview discussing his upcoming ESPN documentary “Life Unexpected.”

Dwyane Wade knows LeBron James best

Both Wade and LeBron entered the NBA in 2003. However, Wade is nearly three years older than his great pal. He went from high school to the NBA without a second thought.

Wade decided to retire at the end last season. He has definitely made a name for himself, and will definitely enter the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. Wade’s game changed throughout the end of his career, and his performance declined. According to him, this hasn’t happened with LeBron.

In 2018-19, LeBron struggled throughout the campaign due to his injury. The king was limited to a career-low 55 games. Many critics said that the superstar is going down, and some of them even predicted the end of his career.

LeBron reclaimed his throne this season. He led the Los Angeles Lakers to a Western Conference-best record of 42-12.

So far in the season, LeBron is averaging 34.9 minutes of action with 25.1 points and 10.7 assists per game. The king of basketball is averaging 7.7 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game.

Of course, LeBron will have to retire at some point. But that won’t happen now or in the next 3-4 years. He plays better than ever.

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