ESPN Insider Ranks Two Teams Ahead Of Patriots In Tom Brady Sweepstakes

Quarterback Tom Brady spend two decades with the New England Patriots, and ESPN has a theory. Many fans view this as a good reason to think that Brady will re-sign with the team. The quarterback will hit the open market on March 18, and things seem more awkward than ever. An ESPN insider believes that two NFL teams have a better chance to snatch the star quarterback.

Jeff Darlington appeared on “The Adam Schefter Podcast.” He and Schefter touched several topics, including Brady’s pending free agency. According to Darlington, Brady is more likely to play with the Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Raiders than to re-sign with his current team. Darlington ranked the Patriots as third-most likely NFL team to sign TB12 this offseason.

People don’t want to talk about other options because it’s impossible to imagine the GOAT wearing a different uniform. However, there’s still a chance for Brady to leave.

Is ESPN right about Tom Brady leaving his Patriots?

During his time with the Patriots, Brady signed extensions. He hasn’t even thought of the possibility to go somewhere else. But, things may take a different turn this time, and Brady is probably ready to test the open market. His former teammate, retired tight end Rob Gronkowski encouraged him to do so. Brady has all the talent in this world to do that. He can go anywhere he wants. Although some say that his age may be an obstacle, truth is, Brady can sign with pretty much every team in the league.

A recent report suggested that the Raiders are ready to give Brady a two-year deal worth $60 million. Brady has an excellent relationship with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. They were teammates, remember?

Brady’s offseason decision makes the hottest headlines these days, and most analysts have stepped forward with a theory. What about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick? He didn’t want to give Brady a two-year deal a year ago. Will he make a different decision this time? Belichick may be worried about Brady’s age and all the injuries that put him on the injury report this season. Belichick has the final word, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in Foxborough.

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