Fans Had Priceless Reactions On Belichick Attending Gronk Beach Party Miami

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has always been busy coaching the greatest NFL team. So, he hasn’t had many chances to attend Super Bowl parties. This time, however, he got a chance to let loose a bit, and he took it. And to no other place but the ultimate Gronk Beach Party Miami.

Belichick and his girlfriend, Linda Holliday, attended former tight end Rob Gronkowski’s Gronk Beach Party Miami on Saturday and fans were all over it.

We’d sure like to know the details of Belichick’s appearance at the party. Maybe he was trying to convince Gronk to put back some Jägerbombs, so that he can talk the tight end into coming out of retirement. One thing’s for sure though – his shirt was epic.

Belichick’s presence Saturday was the first time he had been spotted in Miami in the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Gronk’s Future In The NFL

As for Gronk’s future, we might not be done seeing him on the field. Gronkowski said he wouldn’t close the door on a comeback and is only down 10 or 12 pounds from his playing weight.

“I love competing, and I don’t know, man,” he said in a recent interview. “I would say the door will always be open, man. There are some times, I’m only 30 years old, and I’m in better shape than ever and there was like three times where I was like ‘Dang, what if I was playing? I kind of miss it.’ And those times lasted like an hour each. It would have to last like literally a month straight like ‘I need to play football.’”

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