Frank Vogel Gives Encouraging Update On DeMarcus Cousins’ Return

Former All-Star big man DeMarcus Cousins suffered a terrible knee injury, and he’s been recovering from his condition. This was a terrible season for him, and he didn’t really get a chance to play. Initial reports suggested that his ACL tear would keep him on the sidelines for the entire 2019-200 season. However, the Los Angeles Lakers may have him back in the near future. It looks like the Lakers are ready to have DeMarcus Cousins in the playoffs, and head coach Frank Vogel couldn’t be happier.

This is more than great news for the Laker. The team is getting ready for the title, and Cousins will be of great help on the floor.

Cousins may return this postseason, but Vogel can’t expect a high-end production from him. If Cousins recovers completely and finds the strength to display his skills and athleticism, he may become a great weapon for the team.

DeMarcus Cousins’ return will help Vogel and the Lakers win a title

Adding Cousins to the roster was a great decision for the team. Last season, the Lakers didn’t even get a chance to make the playoffs. They signed a bunch of great players last offseason. LeBron received a lot of help, and here they are, winning games.

The Lakers own the Western Conference. They have won 41 games so far, and the best is yet to come. LeBron is more than ready to give the team the first title since Kobe Bryant’s era. The Lakers really need this title, and LeBron will give them a title. This will be a great tribute for the Black Mamba.

Los Angeles is packed with really talented players, and LeBron leads the pack. He was a leader at the All-Star Game. Team LeBron won the game, and this was just a rehearsal for the big game at the end of the season. LeBron is pretty serious about the promise he gave to the team last season. He promised to win a title, and he is on a good way to keep that promise. The Lakers are on a good way to win this championship. They should keep playing at this pace. Hopefully, Lakers players will stay healthy.

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