Gisele Shares Adorable Photo Of Eating Cake With Tom Brady And Son Benjamin

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen shared an amazing pic of her husband Tom Brady and their son Benjamin eating cake. This photo made our day, and yes, it gave us a big craving.

Gisele took to Instagram to share the photo of the great moment. Let’s just say that the cake looks super delicious. Is this how Brady spends his offseason?

We’ve never seen him eat cake. Although he has cheat meals like every normal person, Brady isn’t someone who eats cake all the time. He is really into avocado ice cream. He is probably the only person to eat this type of ice cream though. Well, Gronk likes it too. He didn’t even think of having any of it, but he got over the taste.

Gisele and Brady will have enough time to eat cake

Let’s go back to the Brady-Bundchen clan. The couple was spotted in New York City, and they will probably go there more often. Their Brookline mansion is up for a sale, and the family enjoys spending time here and there. There were reports about Brady’s new home. Did he just buy a home in Connecticut? The quarterback has yet to confirm the information. There are so many fake reports about him and his family. Everyone is so interested in Brady and his offseason move.

Brady is set to become a free agent in March, and there are so many predictions about his next move. He will enter the free market for the first time in his career, and this is one of the most important offseasons in his career. The Patriots got out of the playoff run at the very beginning, and Brady has a lot of free time. To eat cake.

TB12 is 42, and he will turn 43 at the beginning of the upcoming season. Maybe he will change his eating habits. Sort of. Brady takes a really good care of his body. That’s how he stayed in the NFL for so long. Brady has been winning games for two decades, and he still plays elite football. Let’s see what happens in the next few years. Will he play until 45? Alex Guerrero says he will play until 47.

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