Kobe Bryant’s Wife Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Standing Up For The First Time

Kobe Bryant’s wife goes through a nightmare at the moment. Vanessa lost her husband and daughter Gianna in the helicopter crash that killed nine people. She is devastated. She lost the husband and a child and that’s the most terrifying horror for a woman. Vanessa is a strong woman, and she knows that her other three girls need her love. Gigi will always stay in her heart. Kobe’s wife will always be proud of her daughter and Kobe. The widow of the Lakers legend took to Instagram to share a video of her youngest daughter Capri.

The baby stood up for the first time, and Vanessa is really proud. Too bad that Kobe isn’t here to see his little girl gaining strength. Of course, the baby needed some assistance from her aunt. Little Koko found the strength to pull herself up off of her play mat, and she did that with a big smile on her face. Oh, she has the best smile in the world. This video sure made our day.

In the caption, Vanessa wrote that her Capri looks just like Gigi. Fans in the comments section agreed with her remark.

Kobe Bryant’s wife will always be proud of him and their daughter

Kobe, Gigi and seven others died in a helicopter crash last month. The couple also has Natalia, 17, and Bianka, 3.

The widow also announced the public memorial service for her beloved husband. It will be held on Feb. 24.

Vanessa is a strong woman, and she will need all the strength in this world to go through this. She never thought that her life would take this course. She had a great marriage with Kobe, and they were madly in love with each other. How come great loves are always accompanied by a tragedy?

Investigators have concluded the preliminary portion of the investigation. According to the results, there were no mechanic issues, and a witness confirmed that the hillside was wrapped in mist. They have yet to make a conclusion, and investigation will be over in a year.

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