LeBron James Addresses Lakers’ Possible Signing of Darren Collison

The NBA trade deadline went off without a move from the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron and his team had a visitor at Staples Center. Nobody thought that free-agent guard Darren Collison would watch the game between the Lakers and the Houston Rockets. This was enough to spread more rumors about the Lakers’ next move. Collison was a guest of team owner Jeannie Buss. He talked with Buss and Kurt Rambis behind the scenes. We also saw him in the front row.

Collison sure caused a stir. Has he made a pick? If yes, he will definitely choose the Lakers over the Clippers.

When asked about the surprise guest and the speculation surrounding him, LeBron didn’t provide a precise answer.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t like talking fantasy basketball. I’ve never been one to talk fantasy basketball. We’ll see what happens, but I really don’t have too much to comment on that.”

Will Darren Collison join the Lakers?

LeBron never makes a big deal about new signings. He wasn’t really shocked by Collison’s visit. It’s a normal thing in the NBA. According to LeBron, the Lakers don’t need a new addition. This team plays really well, and they sit on top of the Western Conference. His Lakers lost the game against the Houston Rockets, but that doesn’t change anything about their success.

Los Angeles is a perfect destination for Collison. The speculation will continue until he makes a decision about his next move. Maybe he will remain retired. There are so many options for him. Of course, Collison is a hot commodity on the open market. Two of the best teams in the NBA would love to get him before the final stretch of the regular season.

The Lakers are trying to stay on top, but they don’t have enough empty space underneath. This season, a lot of teams are considered contenders. LeBron, Anthony Davis and the rest of the team will have a hard time staying on top. However, they have all the talent to win the title this season. Plus, they have huge motivation. The Lakers will win the title for Kobe Bryant.

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