LeBron James Respected Frank Vogel ‘From The Jump’

The Los Angeles Lakers hired Frank Vogel during the 2019 NBA offseason. He arrived at the right time, and he has received nothing but words of praise. LeBron James likes Vogel and this sort of comes as a relief for everyone. Remember all the stories about LeBron’s power to change his coach? Well, the Lakers are closer to the NBA Finals this season, and Vogel is really proud of all the effort his players make on the field.

LeBron, Anthony Davis, and all the other players have shared their opinion of Vogel. They really trust him, and this trust has helped them own the league’s best record (49-12).

There were too many reports suggesting that Vogel isn’t the right fit for the Lakers. Adding Jason Kidd as his assistant coach wasn’t acceptable. Well, Vogel helps the team win games, and that’s pretty much everything you need to know about his talent and his relationship with the players.

LeBron respects Vogel

LeBron was well aware of the type of head coach Vogel was from the start. He also remembers the times he played against him when he was coaching the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have confronted his Miami Heat in two Eastern Conference Finals. Vogel is well prepared and dedicated, and that’s how he earned his respect from King James.

“I already respected Frank just from a competitive standpoint, and when I was in Miami competing versus the Indiana Pacers teams,” LeBron said.

“You saw how they were always prepared. They were dedicated to their game plan. They were always ready for our matchups every time we played them. The battles we had versus those teams in Indiana. Didn’t need to have a level of respect because it was already there from the jump.”

LeBron and his head coach have an incredible relationship during the season. Vogel has always been open with his players, and they always talk about stuff. He allows LeBron to speak his mind on the game. Vogel knows how to give his star players extra leeway while keeping the respect of the role players at the same time. Pretty much every Lakers player respects him.

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