LeBron Sends Strong Message To Lakers Ahead Of All-Star Break

LeBron James is taking his team to the finals, but he will hit the big game first. The Lakers superstar plays his best basketball, and he is 35. LeBron has helped the Lakers win 41 games. The team has a 41-12 record at the moment, and the best has yet to come. Los Angeles is first in the Western Conference thanks to LeBron, Anthony Davis and the rest of the tam. They have a really good chance to win a title, and we know that LeBron will win one for his family, fans and Kobe Bryant. LeBron delivered a very special message for the Lakers ahead of the All-Star break.

The king and his teammates defeated the Denver Nuggets in overtime, and it was one special win. The Nuggets wanted to win this game so bad, and they also want to take the first seed in the conference. Well, LeBron didn’t let them get away with an easy win.

He took to Instagram to send a message to his teammates. Yes, he was super excited about the big win. We bet he is also ready for the All-Star game.

LeBron and the Lakers will use the All-Star break well

Unlike last season, this year is much better in terms of friendship and chemistry. In his debut season with the Lakers, LeBron and his younger teammates struggled to build chemistry. Their rivals used this void to keep the Lakers away from the playoffs. That’s exactly what happened. LeBron suffered an injury on Christmas Day and he missed 17 games. The season was already over for his team. Although he returned to the game, his teammates had already lost the grip.

This season is different. LeBron and Davis work perfectly together, and they make the best duo in the NBA. This duo is going straight to the Finals. The All-Star break is here and the Lakers will have plenty of time to get ready for the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s a long season for everyone, but the Lakers have what they need to win a championship. LeBron was serious when he said he is going for a title in 2020. We can see the results.

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