Patriots Predicted to Sign Former Pro Bowl Quarterback

The New England Patriots will be super busy this season. Their star quarterback Tom Brady will turn 43 in August. In case he doesn’t reach an agreement with the Patriots, he will hit the open market on March 18. Although Brady promised to play until he is 45, New England has to find a replacement for him. CBS Sports writer Jason LaCanfora released a report a few weeks ago, predicting that the Patriots would add Teddy Bridgewater to the roster. He is expected to become a starting quarterback. Shiel Kapadia from The Athletic has a similar theory.

Latest reports suggest that New England will try to get Bridgewater. Does this mean that Brady will leave the Patriots in free agency?

Kapadia noted that New England was in the market for a starting quarterback two decades ago. Drew Bledsoe was a starting signal-caller for the team from 1993 to 2000. Brady took his position right after being drafted. Jarett Stidham is also here, and maybe head coach Bill Belichick will use him if TB12 leaves the team. Maybe they will get another quarterback in free agency.

“When’s the last time the Patriots were in the market for a starting quarterback?” Kapadia asked. “They had Drew Bledsoe from 1993 to 2000 and then Brady took over. They have a young quarterback in Jarrett Stidham. Perhaps Belichick turns to him if Brady leaves. Or he could pursue a quarterback in free agency.”

How does Bridgewater fit in the team? Head coach Belichick may make Bridgewater compete with Stidham. Bridgewater will become a free agent, and this happens in a year when NFL teams have enough quarterback options. Kapadia notes that New England may be an ideal destination for him.

Will the former Pro Bowl quarterback replace TB12 for the Patriots?

“In Bridgewater, the Patriots could land a starting option who would not break the bank. Bridgewater has the intangibles in terms of leadership and work ethic that Belichick may find appealing. And he’s not the type of quarterback that will lose the game with mistakes. In five starts with the Saints last season, Bridgewater posted a 1.0 percent interception rate and he fumbled just once. It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.”

“The Patriots can bring Bridgewater in and let him compete with Stidham. If they see someone they like in the draft, they can take another swing there. Bridgewater is hitting free agency in a year when teams have a lot of quarterback options. New England could be one of his best chances to start.” 

Kapadia is convinced that Belichick will use either Bridgewater or Stidham. These two will have to compete for the starting position in training camp. That’s what Belichick plans to do next.

Bridgewater is 27. He replaced Drew Brees in five games and led the New Orleans Saints to a 5-0 record. Bridgewater may be an excellent fit for the Patriots’ offense.

What about Brady’s next destination? Kapadia believes he will go with the Las Vegas Raiders. Josh Jacobs is the latest addition to their offense. The Raiders also have a bunch of great pass catchers. Are they attractive enough for TB12?

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