Photo: Tom Brady Will Be Back, QB Starts Training For Next Super Bowl

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady didn’t play in this year’s Super Bowl. His team was eliminated at the beginning of the playoff run. But, this doesn’t mean that the greatest of all times will give up easily. Brady is set to become a free agent on March 18, and he has already made a decision on his future. This was his highly anticipated decision. Pretty much every Patriots fan was waiting for this. First, everyone was afraid of the possibility to see Brady put an end to his professional career. His retirement is out of the mix now. But, the Patriots nation fears that Brady may sign with another team. Is there any chance for Brady to sign with the Tennessee Titans? The Los Angeles Lakers are also considered a possible destination.

Brady won’t say a thing about his future with the Patriots, but he sure made a statement on his alleged retirement. Sort of. The Patriots quarterback took to his Instagram stories to make a promise. He won’t attend Super Bowl LV wearing a blazer. What does that mean? It means that the GOAT will put on an uniform. Will he put on his Patriots uniform? He has yet to make a decision on that issue.

Tom Brady is ready for a Super Bowl win

Reports suggest that Patriots owner Robert Kraft will give Brady a big contract. Kraft will in no way let Brady go somewhere else. He would never lose his star quarterback. Brady has done so much for the team, and he has spent his entire career in New England. Thanks to head coach Bill Belichick and Brady, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls. With this promise, we can be sure that the quarterback will suit up for another game. Another Super Bowl. His aspirations are really high. It’s nice to see him getting ready for another Super Bowl.

This is probably one of the most interesting Super Bowls in Brady’s career. He will have to make an important decision. Joe Montana advised him to stay with the Pats. He believes that it’s really hard to adjust to another system at 43. Let’s see what happens next.

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