Report: New England Patriots Sign Nick Caserio To Multi-Year Extension

The New England Patriots are ready for the upcoming season. They are about to make a few important decisions, including the one about quarterback Tom Brady. One of the organization’s most important executives won’t go anywhere. The Patriots offered Nick Caserio a new deal. He signed a multi-year contract extension.

Multiple reports have confirmed that head coach Bill Belichick and Caserio agreed to a multi-year contract extension to keep the director of player personnel in the organization. Ben Volin from The Globe confirmed the information. MMQB’s Albert Breer said it was a multiple-year contract extension.

Caserio has been part of the team since 2001. He evaluates players and the team uses him as a scout team quarterback.

Nick Caserio contributes to the success the Patriots have

The Tennessee Texans tried to get Caserio in 2019, but the team filed tampering charges. Last November, head coach Belichick talked about the role Caserio had in the team.

“He’s coached multiple positions, had multiple responsibilities in the personnel department,” Belichick began. “Continues to have a strong role in both areas, and sometimes it’s maybe a little more or a little less in one area or another to offset expanded duties on the other side. He’s also involved in a lot of contract things. So, it’s a pretty full plate. Sometimes it gets divided differently, but it’s usually full and sometimes spilling over the edge a little bit. But, he does a great job in all those areas and has been extremely valuable to me on so many levels for such a long time.

“Nick’s very unselfish,” Belichick added. “Works very hard and he’s smart, talented and has a great deal of experience across the board. So, he can pretty much do anything, but not do everything. So, we have to pick up the things that have the biggest impact.”

Tom Brady should be a priority for the team. TB12 may become a free agent for the first time in his career, and the Patriots can’t lose him. But, if both sides don’t reach an agreement, Brady will put on a different jersey. The Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders have shown interest in him.

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