Scott Pioli Rips All Speculations Around Tom Brady’s Future

Every NFL fan is focused on quarterback Tom Brady and his offseason move. Yes, there are people who follow every move Brady makes, including his social media posts and “likes.” We’ve heard so many stories about the Patriots’ quarterback, and it’s hard to ignore every rumor that gets to our ears. Well, Scott Pioli is here to shut down all the Tom Brady-related rumors.

According to the former Patriots personnel chief, we should stop overanalyzing Brady’s moves.

“What’s going to happen with Tom? I don’t know,’’ he said. “It’s so funny, every day I open up the Internet and there’s this new story, and I’m watching how many people are getting traction out of Tommy’s life and his story,’’ he said. ’’It’s just so funny how every last thing is put under the microscope, and how much people want to speculate.’’

Scott Pioli knows Tom Brady really well

Brady will enter the free market in March for the first time in his lengthy career. Pioli was part of the Patriots family from 2000 to 2009. He and Brady talk on a regular basis. However, Pioli doesn’t know much about Brady’s offseason destination. Let’s stop searching for clues. There are no signs.

“Honestly, when I was on the other side — meaning not doing media stuff, on the football side, — this was the kind of stuff that drove me crazy when you’re with a club,’’ he said. “Because, not only as an executive or a coach or an assistant coach or as a player … no matter what Tommy does, people are looking at it as ‘It’s a sign of something.’ Not everything in life is a sign of what you might be doing.’’

You can check out the full interview on “Drinks with Binks” on fubo Sports Network on Friday at 8 a.m.

Pioli spoke in the name of head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft. They don’t talk much about Brady and his pending free agency. Why would they? It’s a private thing between the quarterback and the organization. But, Kraft didn’t hide his desire to see Brady back on the field this spring. He has helped the team win Super Bowls. Why would they let him go now?

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