Stephen Jackson Goes Hard On Charles Barkley For Saying Kobe Bryant Isn’t A Hero

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant lost his life at the end of January, and the basketball world has hard time coping with his loss. Bryant lost his life in a tragic helicopter crash outside Los Angeles. He was travelling with his daughter Gianna and seven others, including the pilot. So, while everyone still mourns over Kobe’s death, Charles Barkley decided to go against the current. According to Barkley, Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be considered a hero, Stephen Jackson decided to step in and he actually defended the name Kobe Bryant built throughout his entire career.

Barkley is convinced that fans should stick to celebrating Kobe as a basketball player. According to him, the Black Mamba shouldn’t be considered a role mode, especially not for kids. Well, he picked the wrong moment to make these comments, and Jackson decided to slam him. Barkley is convinced that athletes should never be considered role models. He made a really big mistake with this one. It was the wrong timing, and yes, every NBA fan likes Bryant and appreciates everything he has done for the team.

Kobe Bryant is a hero

Jackson got really angry and slammed Barkley the courage he took to say that Bryant wasn’t a hero. He should’ve said this to his face. He didn’t have the courage to say these words during Bryant’s best time. Charles’ comments went unnoticed, and Jackson got really worried about this. Why didn’t anyone say a thing about his rant against Kobe.

“Charles Barkley, you would never tell Kobe he was no hero to his face. All of the time you’ve seen Kobe, you probably kissed his ass, to be honest, Charles. I *** with Charles Barkley, I show him all the respect in the world, but you would never say to Kobe’s face he was no hero. I am surprised nobody said anything. He is a hero, bro. How is he not a hero? **** out of here, man, I’m tired of yall ****.”

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