Tom Brady, Gisele Exchange Cute Valentine’s Day Messages

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen live the romance you’ve been dreaming of. The Patriots quarterback is really happy with his gorgeous wife and he tries to keep us updated. This time Brady shared an amazing pic of him and Gisele. It’s a Valentine’s Day pic, and yes, we are so jealous of Tom and Gisele! In a good way.

In the photo, we can see Gisele biting Brady’s ear. Well, this is a typical Valentine’s Day pic, right? The couple tries to remind us of all the good marriage brings. This pic is sweet, passionate and amazing!

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My forever Valentine ❤️

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Every day is Valentine’s Day for Tom and Gisele

Brady and Gisele have been married for a decade, and she is the greatest supporter he will ever get in his life. Gisele gave up on her modeling career to help Brady pursue his NFL dreams. She helped him become the GOAT. Their chemistry is more than obvious. Brady is more than grateful for all the things Gisele has done for him. He knows that she does the hard work when he isn’t around. Brady spends most of the year on the field, and Gisele has to take care of the kids. They share Vivian and Benjamin, and Brady has another son with Bridget Moynahan. For Gisele, Jack is like a bonus kid.

Their romance didn’t have the best star. Gisele found out that Moynahan was pregnant at the very beginning of her relationship with Brady. Although things were hard for her, she “survived.” Their love survived. Today, these two have the perfect marriage, and we really wish for something like this.

Gisele has played an important role in Brady’s professional life. She even made predictions about his Super Bowls. Yes, she was right about every prediction he made.

It’s hard to give up on something you love to support the love of your life. Gisele is one of the best supermodels this world has ever seen. She gave up on that dream to give Brady more time and patience. If you ask the supermodel, she will say that presence is the secret for a successful marriage. You have to be present all the time. We wish them love and happiness! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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