Tom Brady Reacts To Question About His Future During Instagram Q&A

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t really reveal much about his future, but this Q&A made us ask questions.

The 42-year-old quarterback keeps getting the same question about his future. Yes, he keeps pulling out the same attitude. Brady won’t reveal much about his career. One thing stands for sure. He won’t retire in near future.

Brady took to Instagram to do a Q&A session. Where will he play next season? His answer didn’t say much. It didn’t offer much clarity. Instead of answering the question he just stared and shook his head.

Brady encouraged his fans to ask him questions about his eating regimen, workout and pretty much everything associated with TB12. We enjoyed the avalanche of videos on Brady’s Instagram story. We still have a few unanswered questions.

Fans really wanted to see more of him. The Patriots nation can’t get over the idea of seeing Brady wear a different uniform. Can you imagine seeing him wear a Titans uniform? Neither can we.

Will Tom Brady give fans another Q&A session?

Brady will hit free agency on March 18, and fans can’t wait to learn more about his decision. The Patriots nation was really devastated to see the pics of Brady’s home. there was a moving truck parked in front of Brady’s Brookline mansion. What does that mean? Is he already moving? Things are getting really hot on New England despite the cold weather.

We really hope to see Brady on the field in September. He helped the team win six Super Bowls, and he is about to help them win the seventh.

Reports reveal that Patriots owner Robert Kraft will give Brady a decent contract. The quarterback will receive his $30 million. He deserves that and much more for everything he has done for the team. Head coach Bill Belichick and Brady won so many games together, and they will probably join forces for another season.

New England missed the chance to win a title this season. But, that’s their biggest motivation. Brady doesn’t like losing games. In his Hulu ad, he said he wouldn’t go anywhere. So, what will happen next? A new deal for the GOAT maybe?

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