Watch: Ben Affleck Destroys Max Kellerman On His Tom Brady ‘Cliff’ Take

The entire Patriots nation is angry with Max Kellerman and his cliff take on Tom Brady. Max Kellerman is probably the worst critic Brady will ever get, and Ben Affleck is here to teach him a lesson.

Kellerman keeps repeating his theory of Brady’s production. According to him, the Patriots quarterback will just slip and lose his crown. Kellerman received a healthy dose of criticism over this theory, and Affleck joined the army of NFL fans in the effort to shut down this theory.

Affleck is a diehard Patriots fan. He confronted Kellerman on Tuesday, and blasted him over the “infamous take-gone-wrong.” Let’s just say that everyone had a really good fun.

“I think if you don’t recognize is the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, you’re not qualified to talk about sports,” Affleck said. ” … I don’t see how you could possibly look at what he’s done in his career — his character, his achievements, his tremendous fan loyalty — and not say, ‘This is the best quarterback who’s ever played the game.’ ”

Ben Affleck destroys Max Kellerman

Stephen A. Smith reminded him that Kellerman doesn’t really doubt Brady’s greatness. He tried to excuse Kellerman’s take, suggesting that he was just trying to forecast Brady’s demise. He made a false prediction. Affleck listen to him carefully, and then blasted Kellerman’s theory in his own way. He spoke in the name of every Patriots fan.

“He was gonna fall off the cliff, and then the cliff was the Super Bowl,” Affleck said. “I’d love to fall off that cliff, bro. Can I fall off the Super Bowl cliff? Where is that cliff?”

Affleck has been making headlines these days. In one of the stories, fans found out that he and Matt Damon texted Brady to ask him about his offseason decision. Brady’s response was hilarious. He just sent him an emoji.

Although Brady doesn’t really reveal much about his offseason decision, he sure found time to tell everyone that he will hit the field in 2020. Brady is in a really good shape, and he can definitely play a few more years. But, will he finish his career as a Patriot?

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