Colin Cowherd’s Bizarre Report On Patriots’ Plan To Replace Tom Brady

The New England Patriots have gone through a lot this offseason and losing Tom Brady was just too much. We know that the team tried to make Brady stay, but it looks like both sides couldn’t reach an agreement. So, Brady is now part of the Tampa Buccaneers and he will stay there for two years. At least two years. Colin Cowherd has been following the whole Brady situation.

Cowherd discussed Brady’s departure on his Fox Sports Radio/FS1 show “The Herd” Tuesday. The host assured his listeners that the Patriots won’t go after quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

This makes perfect sense because Bridgewater inked a three-year deal with the Carolina Panthers. This deal would give him $60 million.

“They also will not pursue Teddy Bridgewater,” said Cowherd. “Who I love, or Andy Dalton, who I don’t, but both are far better than their current quarterback.”

Colin may be right about the Brady topic

Bridgewater will replace Cam Newton in September. The Panthers cut Newton on Tuesday. Dalton is also on the trade block. The Cincinnati Bengals will probably draft Joe Burrow with the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The quarterback has far spent his entire nine-year NFL career with the Bengals.

This is a rather complex situation. New England needs a quarterback. Head coach Bill Belichick won’t let Jarrett Stidham on the field as a primary option. Stidham lacks the experience Brady had. He has just finished his rookie campaign. Belichick won’t take that risk. New England has had Tom Brady as a starting quarterback for two decades. He is gone now. Yes, they will never replace Tom Brady but Belichick will try to get someone who will be able to lead the team. TB12 has helped the Patriots win six Super Bowls. Why would Belichick agree to anything less than that?

When it comes to Brady, the Buccaneers have already introduced him through a conference call. Brady will spend two years with the Buccaneers. Where will he go then? Maybe he will stay there. He has already filed a request to trademark the TB x TB phrase. Brady is off to something great this season. He is ready to win.