Dana White Clarifies Tom Brady Recruiting Pitch After Patriots Backlash

Dana White has a few questions to answer. The UFC president is a Patriots fan who grew up in New England. That’s why some fans were shocked after his attempt to convince Tom Brady to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders. White had an interview broadcast on his Instagram page, and talked about TB12 and his pending free agency.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft called him. Guess what happened next…

“He was not happy with me,” White said Thursday on ESPN’s “Always Late with Katie Nolan.” “This thing is being blown out of proportion. I am being falsely accused here.

“Now, first of all, what I said was, ‘I’m a Boston guy. I want him to play for the Patriots. But if that doesn’t happen, we want him in Vegas.’ I don’t want him going to California or any of these other teams. I want him coming here (to Las Vegas). If he doesn’t play in Boston, if he doesn’t retire and end his career there like he should, then he needs to come to Vegas.”

We can’t blame him for wanting his pal to come join him in his place. Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion but that doesn’t change anything. White has the right to say whatever he wants.

Dana White has an excuse

White also discussed the convo he had with Kraft earlier in the day Thursday during his appearance on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.” Patriots supporters got really angry with him. That’s why he decided to make things clear again.

“(Bill) Belichick is a stud. Belichick will figure this thing out if Brady doesn’t stay there,” White said. “I want Brady in Boston. I want Brady to retire in Boston. That’s the way it should go. But if it doesn’t go that way, I want him in Vegas.”

Brady will enter the open market on March 18. He will become a free agent for the first time in his career. Although the Patriots nation wants him to re-sign with the Patriots, head coach Belichick may not give him the best deal. If this happens, Brady may go in Tennessee and work with Vrabel.

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