Doc Rivers Gives Ultimate Praise To LeBron’s Basketball IQ

LeBron James has great athleticism. However, some believe that his basketball IQ has actually helped him come this far. Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers shared his thoughts on LeBron’s athleticism and basketball IQ.

“There’s a lot of people in the league with LeBron’s body,” the Clippers head coach said. “There’s no one in the league with his brain.”

LeBron’s basketball IQ has been impressing fans for years. He has made incredible passes. Not many players can replicate that. LeBron keeps going up on the all-time scoring ladder. He also sits eighth in league history with 9,298 career assists. This puts him ahead of Isiah Thomas, Gary Payton and other Hall of Fame point guards.

Doc Rivers praises LeBron’s basketball IQ

The four-time MVP was leading the league with 10.6 assists per game before the suspension. LeBron’s postgame activities are also incredible. He has the power to recall an action without eve watching game films.

This has helped the king and his teammates go through detailed scoring reports before and during contests.

“He knows everybody,” teammate Quinn Cook said. “He could be last guy on the bench on the team, but he knows he’s left-handed, he’s a shooter, don’t go under him, he’s a driver, stuff like that. He pays attention to the game, he watches the game and he studies.”

LeBron has become a 16-time All-Star. You can’t ignore his three titles. His memory keeps surprising us even when it comes to off-court topics.

He knows every single song, every lyric,” Avery Bradley said. “Yes, every song that I’ve heard come on. It doesn’t matter how old it is. LeBron knows the song, 100 percent.”

Well, we knew that. LeBron could have easily won the NBA MVP award this season. His game was incredible, and fans enjoyed every bit of it. Sadly, the season may be over. LeBron may not get a chance to win his title with the Lakers. But, if authorities find a way to get rid of the virus and prevent its spreading, we can definitely enjoy the rest of the season. LeBron knows it will be hard to jump into the playoffs.