Ex-NFL Player Gives Wild Deshaun Watson-Patriots Conspiracy Theory

Deshaun Watson was part of the New England Patriots talks. A lot of analysts have discussed this topic. What does LaVar Arlington think about this?

Watson shocked everyone with his cryptic tweet. It was his way of reflecting the move Houston made. The Texans decided to trade DeAndre Hopkins. If by any chance you don’t know, Hopkins is Watson’s favorite target.

Fans got crazy

This tweet was enough for Patriots fans to start talking about Watson’s arrival in New England. According to many, Watson is the favorite option for New England. The Patriots need to solve their starting quarterback question. Of course, Watson will be able to join a different team in 2021. 2020 is still a problem for New England. Tom Brady left the New England Patriots after two decades.

“I think there’s great validity to it,” Arrington said Wednesday on FS1’s “Speak For Yourself.” “We’ve already found out from the way O’Brien is handling things that he doesn’t want something or somebody distracting or taking away from his leadership within that organization. This DeAndre Hopkins situation could’ve spurned or facilitated Deshaun Watson feeling a certain type of way, possibly speaking on levels that may make Bill O’Brien uncomfortable. We know they’re not a quarterback away in New England, but if you get a quarterback like Deshaun Watson, you’re certainly closer to being where you’re trying to be with him there versus trying to figure out who the quarterback of the future is going to be.

“With a tinfoil hat on and sitting here with my conspiracy theory, Bill O’Brien has ultimately placed himself in a situation where he may end up losing his job off of this DeAndre Hopkins situation. He’s going to end up back in New England at some point anyway, right? So why not send your quarterback there before you get kicked out and you go be his offensive coordinator the rest of the way?”

Deshaun to the Patriots

Are Watson’s days in Houston numbered? One NFL analyst explained that the quarterback shouldn’t feel really motivated to ink a deal with the Texans.

This offseason will be full of surprises for many NFL teams. It’s an offseason packed with changes for most organizations. The New England Patriots lost quarterback Tom Brady in free agency. He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs got the greatest of all times. This will be their best season so far. Hopefully, Brady will get used to the new team. Of course, he will have plenty of talented targets on the field. The Bucs will also give him greater power when it comes to controlling the offense. He didn’t have that option in New England.